Checkoff Funded Programs

The checkoff is the beef industry's only self-help program, funding efforts that increase beef demand. Examples of checkoff-funded programs include:

  • Consumer advertising designed to strengthen the beef industry's position in the market place

  • Educational programs that reach preschool to college age students

  • Food editorials place positive beef and veal articles in newspapers and magazines

  • Retail promotions designed to increase the amount of retail featuring of beef; and recipe centers in meat cases to stimulate sales at the point of purchase

  • Foodservice promotions to increase the presence of beef and veal on menus and encourage it as a meal choice

  • Research into nutrition that provides supporting data on beef's and veal's value to the diet

  • Information programs demonstrating the beef industry's commitment to the environment

  • Issues management to address concerns such as BSE or other topics that face the industry from time to time

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